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Whether you are in need of varicose vein reduction, cosmetic surgery or just enhancement of you beauty, our center provides personalized care and always follows up to ensure your expectations are met. Let our doctor's background and experience work for your look.
Wrinkle Reduction — Surgery Center in Long Beach, CA
Wrinkle reduction
Trained in the US and certified by the appropriate boards, our doctors and nurses provide expert procedures. Choose us to enhance your appearance. You will be glad you did.
Botox — Surgery Center in Long Beach, CA
Cosmetic Surgery
All aspects of surgery to enhance your look are offered: breast augmentation and lifts, abdominoplasty and lipo-abdominoplasty, laser liposuction, scar revisions, face, neck and brow lift (Silhouette lift, NovoThreads), most of which done under local anesthesia if desired.
Vein Procedures — Cosmetic Surgery Center in Long Beach, CA
Varicose Vein Care
Take the first steps towards your new, more comfortable look with our varicose vein care and speak with us. Our professionals will help you make the right decision.
Radiesse — Cosmetic Surgery Center in Long Beach, CA
Excessive Sweating
Give yourself the life you deserve with excessive sweating treatment from us. Our experts understand how you feel and they know how to help.
Contact us in Long Beach, California, and let our cosmetic surgery center improve your life.