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See your results before your surgery!

At Estea, Dr Konecny utilizes the latest digital image technology to review your possible results with incredible accuracy before you undergo your procedure, and improve results for all his patients.

During an initial the consultation, Dr. Konecny will take several pictures and can review your Crisalix results in person.

If you’re still considering a consultation, or just curious what you would look like with bigger breasts, you can use this link to create a confidential Crisalix account, upload three photos and explore the possibilities on your own. If desired, you can even review and discuss with your closest friends, spouse, or family before committing to surgery.

Imagine that you are considering breast augmentation, but you need help picking out the size and type of your implants. The Crisalix technology scans your breasts in 2D with an iPad, and then the app helps you to “try on” different brands, shapes and sizes of implants.

This process helps eliminate some of the guesswork involved with selecting implants. It can aid in your decision-making process and help you avoid choosing implants that are too large or that don’t look good on your frame.

How does it work?

Crisalix takes your photos and then digitally manipulates the images to give you an idea of the results. Visualizing these changes can aid in the decision-making process and help you feel confident about your choices.

What surgeries can I explore with crisalix

Crisalix is best used for primary breast augmentation, but can be used to preview the results of the following:

  • – Breast lift
  • – Breast implant revision
  • – Breast reconstruction
  • – Fat transfer to the breasts
  • – Facelift
  • – Eyebrow lift
  • – Cheek augmentation
  • – Chin augmentation
  • – Botox/fillers
  • – Tummy tuck
  • – Liposuction
  • – Buttock augmentation

Dont be shy – your crisalix results are for you!

We only review your results if you choose to move forward with consultation or surgery, to make sure we achieve the ideal results using the latest technology. Our goal is to empower patients to make informed decisions. Even if you choose not to proceed with surgery, we’re glad to offer a tool that helps you in your decision making process.


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