Happy Holidays !

Happy Holidays from the Estea Family !This holiday we are wishing all of our patients, their families and friends a joyous holiday season. We know these last two years have been challenging: may the New Year be happy and healthy for all!We are excited to be offering great holiday deals on many of our most […]

O-Shot as featured at the Oscars

Have you been struggling with urinary leakage while working out, laughing, or coughing? Have you noticed a decrease in sensation during intimacy? The O-shot is one of the fastest growing non-surgical, office based procedures for urinary incontinence and sexual wellness in women. This procedure has been so revolutionary that even the stars are talking about […]

Men’s Health Magazine testimonial on P-shot for Erectile Dysfunction

“The P-shot claims it’ll make your erections harder and longer-lasting. I knew I had to try it.” ~ Men’s Health Click Here to Read the full article in Men’s Health Dr. Fischer recently joined the Estea team to offer cutting-edge sexual wellness procedures. Please contact our office to learn more about holiday specials for Dr. […]

Sexual Wellness and Rejuvenation

At Estea, our approach (Estea Trio) takes into account the dynamic nature of female sexuality with a holistic, patient centered approach focusing on: 1) how it looks 2) how it feels and 3) how it works. While many women are happy with their physical appearance (although often complaining of labia minora excess skin or loss of volume in labia majora)  there is a […]

Introducing ThermivaSmooth

ThermiSmooth therapy is one of a revolutionary new class of technologies to revitalize and smooth sagging skin without surgery, without pain, and without a recovery period. ThermiSmooth Face is an effective anti-aging treatment. Call us at (562)595-6961  

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