Sexual Wellness and Rejuvenation

Estea is proud to introduce Dr. Sean Fischer, whose approach transcends the taboo’s surrounding sexual wellness, for individuals and couples of all sexes and gender identities. He is compassionate, knowledgeable, and will provide an informative consultation to determine the best tailored treatment for each patient or couple.


Our approach (Estea Trio) takes into account the dynamic nature of female sexuality with a holistic, patient centered approach focusing on:
1) how it looks
2) how it feels and
3) how it works.

As women age, it is natural to become less sensitive, less lubricated, and even to have urinary symptoms such as incontinence. There is a longing for improved erogenous sensation as well as youthful feel for their partners.

It is also natural, as with other parts of the body, for excess skin to become bothersome, both aesthetically and functionally. While many women are happy with their physical appearance, often women complain of labia minora excess skin or loss of volume in labia majora without realizing there are treatment options.

Here’s what people are saying about their labiaplasty experience

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Our multimodal approach utilizes the latest technologies for orgasmic enhancement: a painless injection of your own stem cells (ALMI – PRP mixed with fat) to dramatically elevate pleasurable sensations internally; and a non-invasive radiofrequency technology (ThermiVa) proven to regenerate vaginal tissue that is more pleasurable for your partner. An additional benefit of the injection and ThermiVa treatments, especially for older women and those who have given birth, is improvement in mild urinary leakage, or stress incontinence.
Especially during and after menopause, it is natural to experience decreased libido, or desire to be sexually active. We are excited to offer hormone replacement specific to your needs to improve sex drive and decrease vaginal symptoms of aging, such as dryness.


Similarly, we believe that male sexuality is dynamic. Drive, performance and pleasure should not suffer simply because of aging.

As men age, it is natural to experience decreased drive, pleasure, and performance. Our multimodal approach is about what Dr. Fischer calls erectile optimization: lifestyle and supplement/medication to help get your gear in shape, in combination with non-surgical procedures to help maximize your results and improve performance with the latest, evidence based medical treatments.

Erectile optimization at Estea stands apart the late night infomercial quick fix or generic internet-based prescription service. Dr. Fischer takes an integrative approach to helping you achieve your goals, and knows every patient’s baseline and goals are different.

Procedures include:

Shockwave external treatments to rejuvenate blood flow and sensitivity to improve performance.


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