Regenerative Medicine

At Estea, it’s not about just looking good, now we strive to feel good through regeneration. By using the stem cells derived from one’s own blood serum (platelet rich plasma or PRP) and fat (adipose tissue), we can offer a variety of cosmetic procedures to help you look, feel, and function like your younger self.

We are excited to have Dr. Sean Fischer as a part of our team, offering Sexual Wellness & Rejuvenation as a part of our regenerative medicine program. In addition to non-surgical procedures such as hormone replacement and innovative regenerative techniques for all genders, Dr. Fischer offers surgical procedures for men and women to restore youthful look and feel to your most intimate areas.

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Call or request an appointment to find out about these exciting new advances in cosmetic and regenerative medicine. You can also learn about these medical breakthroughs by visiting our partner’s websites who provide the science and tools to allow us to offer these cutting edge treatments to you:

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