Cosmetic Gynecology

Cosmetic gynecology is a growing field of treatment that focuses on both improving the function of the female genital area as well as enhancing its appearance. There are a number of different techniques used, depending on the particular concern of the patient. There are options available so that there is no reason to be uncomfortable or embarrassed about the way your genitals look or function.

As women age, or sometimes as a result of childbirth, vaginal muscles can loosen and skin is stretched out. Exercises such as Kegels can sometimes help increase muscle tone to some extent but they cannot fix these issues overall. On the other hand, cosmetic gynecology can restore youth and vitality to the genital region, allowing you to regain the tightness you formerly experienced. Cosmetic gynecology procedures can also be used to provide symmetry to uneven labia or reduce large or stretched structures. As these body parts become more aesthetically pleasing, function will often improve.

Cosmetic Gynecology Procedures

Many cosmetic gynecology procedures are based on surgical methods created for dealing with urinary stress incontinence or uterine prolapse, in which the uterus falls to the vaginal canal.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation began as a surgical method for repairing weak vaginal walls and treating incontinence. This surgery would also tighten the vagina, resulting in a benefit to the sexual satisfaction of both the patient and her partner. This procedure has been adapted more recently by cosmetic gynecologists to concentrate solely on strengthening and tightening the vaginal muscles. It is less invasive as it is performed with a laser which results in fewer complications and a quicker healing process.


Labiaplasty is also a newly revamped version of a traditional medical procedure. It has been performed for years on women suffering from labia hypertrophy, a condition in which the inner labia extend past the outer labia creating friction and pain. This treatment can now be used to reshape and resculpt the labia to the patient’s desired specifications, whether that means a little trimming or a complete reduction. Not only do patients get the look they want, but labiaplasty also provides a reduction in the discomfort that large labia can cause when wearing tight-fitting clothing, having intercourse or exercising.


Vaginoplasty is really an umbrella term for a whole range of techniques used to enhance the vagina. Some of the most popular procedures include:


Hymenoplasty is a surgical method for repairing the hymen, a thin layer of tissue near the opening of the vagina. Sometimes termed “revirgination,” a hymenoplasty restores the hymen tissue to the unbroken condition prior to the first time a woman had sexual intercourse.

Vulvar lipoplasty

A vulvar lipoplasty repairs the mons pubis, the rounded area of skin and tissue covering the pubic bones. When there is a fatty deposit around the mons pubis or nearby labia majora, a woman may become very uncomfortable and self-conscious. It may appear to bulge, making her feel less feminine. Vulvar lipoplasty remedies this situation by liposuctioning out the pockets of fat and reshaping the vagina to be much smoother and more attractive.

Clitoral unhooding

A clitoral unhooding is the removal of an abundance of skin tissue covering the clitoris. For some women, this extra tissue can result in less sensation and satisfaction during sex. By removing this excess tissue, a clitoral unhooding can increase your level of feeling and the pleasure you experience during sexual intimacy.

G-spot amplification

G-spot amplification is used to inject collagen into the wall of the vagina in which the G-spot is located, which can expand this tissue and amplify stimulation tremendously. The G-spot is a well-known, much discussed part of the female anatomy that can provide erotic gratification if it is reached. But for many women, that doesn’t happen regularly or at all.

Risks of Cosmetic Gynecology

As with all forms of surgery, cosmetic gynecology procedures do pose some risk. The risks of vaginal surgery include developing an infection, long-term changes in sensitivity and feeling, pain or discomfort and scar tissue. The best way to reduce your risk of any complications or serious side effects is to choose an experienced, highly skilled doctor who has performed many cosmetic gynecological procedures successfully.

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