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Armpit sweating

Excessive Sweating of Underarms or Axillary Hyperhidrosis involves extreme dripping sweat in the armpits with associated odor that is usually resistant to all deodorants. Sufferers often experience excessive sweat dripping down the arms and chest, preventing them from wearing certain fabrics or colors. This also causes staining and rotting of clothing. Caused by the sympathetic […]

Black Friday Deals

BLACK FRIDAY IS COMING EARLY at estea! BOOK BEFORE nOVEMBER 30TH FOR OUR BEST DEALS TUMMY TUCK $700 OFF       BREAST LIFT $500 OFF       BREAST IMPLANTS $300 OFF       Bbl $300 OFF vARICOSE VEINS $300 OFF …And our feature deal, to help with holiday fat: FREE 2 areas of lipo […]

Night of Beauty was a treat for all in attendance

Thanks to all who attended our night of beauty last week 🙂     Many of our patients and their family/friends were able to have their questions answered about our most popular procedures, and secured our best discounts of the year! Stay tuned for details on our next special events!    

The COMPLETE Mommy Makeover – Treat your urinary leakage today!

This year, consider treating yourself (or being treated to) one of our intimacy wellness procedures to complete your mommy makeover. After childbirth, the body undergoes many changes. While many women openly discuss the changes in their chest and belly, more than 30% of women experience urinary leakage with normal activity, which is often not discussed […]

Abdominoplasty with Dr. Konecny

More than just a tummy tuck: Dr. Konecny has been performing lipoabdominoplasty – a combination of liposuction at the time of abdominoplasty- for over 15 years. He has operated on numerous “high risk” patients many surgeons would turn away simply because of size or  high BMI. Results matter. You’re tummy tuck achieves an hourglass figure […]

Sweaty Palms? Don’t sweat it, we can help!

Why do my hands sweat so much, and what can I do about it? Every day, our bodies use perspiration to maintain constant internal temperature. This is regulated by the sympathetic nervous system, which controls the five million sweat glands in your body. About half of those glands are located in the hands. In the […]

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